Jake Kaplan

"Go is not just a real estate firm, Go is a family. The idea that all of the agents know each other and help one another is incomparable to any other firm. The culture makes me look forward to coming to work every day and giving it my all."


Almaree Gordon

"I love working at Go Realty because Go is a place where I can be myself and not feel judged in any way. Go is a place that has always felt like the "right fit" for me. Go is where I have received tremendous support and love. Go is where my heart is!"


Shane Kirk

"I chose to work with Go because their core beliefs mirrored my own set of values. I love Go because they also live by their core beliefs. It is one thing to write down a bunch of beliefs and something entirely different to actually live by them. Beyond the beliefs you find a nurturing collaborative environment where agents don't see each other as competition but as collaborators. This has helped me grow my business. This is why I love Go."

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