Agent Spotlight: Audra Holland


The following was written by Audra Holland in describing her Vision Poster. This is her story. I designed a pie chart with eight “slices,” filled with pictures of things that are beautiful or important to me.  Each pie-slice picture represents an important aspect of my life, such as: Family & Friends Career Spiritual journey Stewardship […]

Agent Spotlight: Courtney Dunstan


The following was written by Courtney Dunstan about her passion outside of Real Estate…singing. This is her story. With a piano/voice teacher and choir director for a mom, music is in my bones. I sang my first public solo at 5, and no one’s been able to shut me up since! Through my life I […]

Agent Spotlight: Jenn Jenkins

Shark Tank

I am consistent with my follow-ups and make sure I also connect with my clients on a personal level; not every communication needs to be about business. Also, I am not a secret agent…everyone I know or meet knows that I’m a realtor. 

Agent Spotlight: Kenisha Johnson

Do you. While I believe anyone can do anything. Everything doesn’t work for everybody. Figure out what works for you. We all have our own gifts. Put yours to work for you in real estate. I focus on farming and social media.

My Small Taste of Discrimination


My name is Jim Garman.  I’m a straight white man living in North Carolina. Until 18 months ago, I had never experienced discrimination myself. I had never sensed sideways glances or noticed hushed whispers. Until 18 months ago, I didn’t know what it felt like to be judged.    And then I got divorced. Almost […]

Welcome to Go News!


Welcome to “Go News”!  This is going to be the soul of our organization.  A place for news and updates.  A place to say thank you.  I place to admit mistakes and a place to celebrate good stuff.  Yammer will always be the best way to keep each other updated on what we are doing. […]

Better Together


After years of competitive swimming as a kid, going to the pool is not something that always inspires me.  It is a routine that brings back memories of being excessive in my adolescence.  Today was a swim day for me.  In the pool at 7:00 a.m.  Usually, that doesn’t fire me up.  However this morning, […]

Preparation is the Key to Success


Have you ever wondered how some people seem to get it all done, and on top of that make it look EASY??  The key to this very admirable trait is being organized.  That means planning your work, and working your plan. We discussed this in our time management class last week, but I felt it […]

There’s No Place Like Go!


In the small NC mountain community where I grew up it is common for folks to say, “ya’ll come see me sometime”.   What is neat about the mountains is that people actually take you up on that offer.  Growing up it was not uncommon for my grandparents to have several unexpected visitors at their […]

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